WD Mycloud

This is the link to my mirror for 

I have also included the latest sid Repository from Fox_exe and some packages that I have compiled for WDMycloud V 4.x firmware with PageSize=64k

The Repository has 3 containers

main is compiled by Fox_exe based on wheezy

sid is compiled by Fox_exe based on sid

Jessie is compiled by myself based on jessie

to add the the Repository

SSH to your WDmycloud and run:

Then – you can run apt-get update and install software.

you can view and search for the available packages from this index here ( you can also download individual packages if you wish – click on the package to download it or wget it ) the main thing is the search feature

WARNING: This software only for official v4 .X firmware (Kernel/Software with PageSize=64k)!

all packages are compiled directly from the official Debian repository

Warning : Use it on your own Risk


Automatic Full Backup for WDMycloud – tested on firmware V4.X

I like playing and changing images and software on my WDmycloud

So I found it usefull to  keep a full backup of my latest working image

Here is what you need to do

ssh to your wdmycloud IP then

create a new file called backup.sh

copy the following to the nano editor

click Ctrl+x then y to save your file

make the patch executable

make a test backup to make sure that your script is functioning correctly

schedule the batch to run automaticaly

I have scheduled it to run every 2 days at 7 AM ( feel free to change the schedule based on your need )

copy the below line to the crontab file

click Ctrl+x then y to save your file

you can check the status of your backups and the backup execution by viewing the backup.log at /shares/wdcurrent/backup.log